Home Tour

In case you missed it, this past weekend was the Broad Ripple Home Tour. Thousands descended upon our neighborhood to take a peek into some of the best examples of Broad Ripple Real Estate we have to offer. The home adjacent to my own was one of 7 featured on the tour, and if their traffic was indicative of the tour on the whole, Saturday must have been a huge success! 

When our neighbors notified me that they would be featured on the tour, I was very excited for them. I was also mortified. Hundreds of people would be cycling through their backyard and looking in to ours. They are both recent retirees, no children, one cat. Their lawn is immaculate. Their landscaping is divine, Their garden is perfect. We have very large dogs, a very rambunctious 2 year old, and a lot of projects. Mortified is a good word.  

Long story short, I spent the last 3 weeks cleaning, scraping, and painting our garage, as well as pulling weeds, tossing trash, and generally just cleaning up. It made me think, what is your relationship like with your neighbor? Are you the one who could do a better job of keeping up on things? Do you find yourself wanting to mow your neighbor's yard for them? I would love to hear your feedback.