Getting Involved

We mow the grass, spread the mulch, and clean out the gutters. Each Spring, the mood grabs us and we plant beautiful annuals, perennials, hostas, and shrubbery. It is the way that we show how much we care about the neighborhood and our home.  

However, taking pride in the neighborhood goes much further than paying a service to spray your grass once a month. To be truly involved, you must take a very objective look at the issues that are truly impacting your area. How are the schools? Common areas? Do you have parks in place? Are local businesses successful? 

Here are 3 easy ways that you can get involved and improve your neighborhood: 

1. Who needs help? Identify the elderly residents in your area. This should not be overly complicated. Use your eyes and trust your instincts. Knock on the door and introduce yourself. Volunteer to help with chores inside and outside of the house. You can help them take care of the lawn, landscaping, routine maintenance and clean up.

2. Where needs help?  I know, not the best grammar, but I am trying to keep a theme. All common areas in your neighborhood must be maintained by someone, why not you? This can range from parks to sidewalks to entry signs. If you have an area that you noticed has not been receiving the attention it should, odds are, so has someone else. Once you have taken the lead and begun the beautification process, others well step in to assist you.

3. What needs help? The internet is remarkable in its ability to connect like-minded individuals and organizations. Take a few minutes to find an organization nearby that shares your passion. For me it's education. I believe there are few things more closely tied to home values than the quality of the schools in the area. By volunteering my time to the area schools, I am doing my part to help improve my neighborhood, at least indirectly.

Take a few minutes this evening, and see if there is anything you can do. I am sure that you will find there is more than you think.