Best Restaurants in Broad Ripple

 I am going to take a crack at this with one huge caveat, I am not a restaurant critic. I am not a foodie, sommelier, or chef. I am just a guy who has lived in a neighborhood for quite awhile and tried everything at least twice. Here goes nothing.


 Not a restaurant, but I am going to go with Rene's. Absolutely everything that they put out is on point. The scones are moist, the croissants are crisp, and the chocolate chip brioche will make you re-think your resolution to "lose those last few pounds." Everything is very affordable to boot. My wife, son, and I can eat very well for $7-$8. If you haven't tried it out, give them a chance. It is well worth it.

Honorable Mention: Three Sisters, The Donut Shop , Petite Chou


Northside Social moved in a few years ago in what had been a biker bar. After a couple of months, Northside Kitchenette moved in to the adjacent space. Offering a diverse lunch menu, NK can satiate the most particular tastes. The plates are well priced, especially in comparison to Northside Social, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Plus, the decor is fun and light. Northside Kitchenette is a fantastic place to take a potential client or a visiting family member.

Honorable Mention: La Piedad, Monon Food Company, Zest 


You didn't think I'd do it, but I will. I've read these types of posts before, and 90% of the time they tip toe around the tough one, dinner. I am bold. I am outspoken. Fire on the Monon was life changing. The last time I was there was during Chowdown Midtown. Even with discounted meals, a noisy two year old, and a crowded dining room, the food was fantastic. Everything was cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly, and presented perfectly. We could not ask for more. Now my brother has mentioned that Fire has been hit or miss for him. He eats McDonalds for lunch 4 days a week. I listen to his opinion on food just like I listen to my mom give her opinion on IU basketball.

Honorable Mention: You tell me. I would love to hear your comments.