Spring has sprung!

Spring has arrived! I am sure that anyone reading this has welcomed, with open arms, the beautiful warm weather and sunshine. As a matter of fact, my wife even got a sunburn from spending too much time outside! After a long hibernation through the winter, it is time for sidewalk chalk, kiddie pools, and basketball hoops.

So this brings up one of the most dreaded parts of home ownership, landscaping. A lot of us want to do something new to spruce up the curb appeal of our homes. Most of the time this means mulch, a few flowers, and an occasional shrub. I will offer two pieces of advice.

For the conservative...

Split mulch with your neighbors. I know it sounds really simple, and a lot of people already do it. I am putting this out there for all of us who buy 20 bags of mulch from the local big box store, make several trips back and forth, and finish the day with a strained back. This weekend we were sitting out back with our neighbors, and we tossed around the idea of splitting mulch. We hang out with our neighbors fairly often, but we do not take the time to speak with neighbors that are 3-4 doors down. I think that a simple act like splitting mulch is  a great way to save a little bit of money and help strengthen that bond between neighbors. When you have those relationships with the people who live around you, you are more vested in your property.

For the more adventurous...

Paint your door. Simple, I know. But, to make it pop, pick a bright (preferably primary) color. That means yellow, red, or blue. It will help to break up the monotony of the neighborhood and draw the eye to your house. The best part, you can always paint it back if it is awful. Try something new, be different. If you hate it (or your neighbors hate it), simply apply two coats of white paint and you are back to where you began. No harm, no foul.