Marott Park


With the weather breaking, more and more people are out exploring. I would hate to call Marott Park a "hidden gem," but in my 5 years in Broad Ripple it has come up in conversation exactly one time. I do not hang around with the most outdoorsy crowd, so for me the park is exactly that, hidden. Today, I had the opportunity to bike up the Monon, stop off at the park, and explore with our son, Tedy. He was absolutely thrilled. We through rocks in the creek, picked up sticks, sat on tree stumps, and ran down hills. I couldn't have been more proud watching my boy explore a felled tree.

It got me thinking. Why have I not been here more, and why is there no one else around me? It was a warm, albeit cloudy, morning, and there wasn't a soul anywhere near us. I would encourage all of us to take a few minutes and find a park nearby. Once you are there, you need not do a thing. Just sit. Take it in. Quiet can be a deafeningly beautiful thing.