Remodel Ideas

I will go ahead and preface this post a bit by giving a little back story to my weekend. Our neighbor two doors north had an open house yesterday. Naturally, I was interested and I decided to poach a few of their better ideas. Looking at their kitchen, it got me thinking about remodeling my own. Add to that, my wife recently spoke with another neighbor who is a contractor. This got us talking about what we would like to do.  

We have a very small space. I believe it is 10x8, but with three door ways and two windows, there just isn't a ton of space for kitchen necessities. We would like to cut a wall in half to open it up to the rest of the living space and minimize the confined nature of the room.

I want to pose two questions, and see if I can generate a bit of discussion.:

1. How do you feel about concrete countertops? They have a cost similar to granite (a bit less expensive), and in an area of younger buyers they offer a unique and contemporary feel. It would also be an interesting way to integrate the sink. 

2. Our home is 70+ years old. It has plaster walls, original doors, and a pair of arched walls. If we knocked down an archway to open up the living and dining room, would that be a negative as a potential buyer? 

I appreciate the feedback!