I am going to take this post in a bit of a different direction. Last Summer, I built a coop and we added 4 chickens to our growing family. Within a week or two, our dog, Rocky, had busted through the coop and gotten ahold of one of the girls. She made it a couple more days before she eventually passed on. Our 3 hens weren't quite old enough to give us eggs, but they were growing a bit each day, and we could tell they were close. While I was out of town on business, a fox/raccoon/cat slid into the coop and slaughtered the remaining three hens. Thus ending our urban chicken experiment. The coop was recently turned in to a nice bench for our front porch, and the area it previously inhabited has been cleared out. 

Recently, a store called Agrarian opened up around 49th and College. It is sponsored by Naptown Chickens and features all the supplies necessary to keep your own urban homestead. With the popularity of Naptown Chickens, the Broad Ripple Farmers Market and the Slow Food Movement before them, and others, what other animals would you be alright with seeing in a back yard? I know that the owner of Patachou keeps goats, however, city code restricts much more than that. Horses, llamas, donkeys, etc... have certain lot requirements and pigs are strictly forbidden. What is your take? How would you feel about your backyard neighborhood keeping a pig as a pet? What about a mini-donkey or an alpaca? Let me know!