Freshen Up in Fall

When the snow starts to melt and the days are a bit longer, you know that Spring has arrived. With it comes the inevitable weekend or two of completely landscaping overhaul. We plant gorgeous annuals, perennials, exotic shrubs, and we mulch the living heck out of that yard.

Most are able to keep up with the work throughout the Summer, with only a little bit of drop off through the dog days of July/August when the mercury tops 100. I believe that just as important as that initial work that is done in April, is the work that must be put in during November. Ideally, you will want your yard to look as identical to that first Saturday as possible. Every weed pulled, and every chunk of fescue fertilized. 

So often, by the end of the year we are tired of the work involved and we just "leave" the yard, assuming the snow will clean things out. When this is the case, the weeds go dormant like the grass, and the problem will arise again. Clear out everything, and tell yourself that you plan on taking a picture. This is just a little accountability piece that I have found works very well for me.

Maybe this is a bit of a metaphor for life. Who knows? Stuart Drake, dropping a little knowledge.