To paint or not to paint...

When prepping your home to hit the market, most people immediately think of a deep clean, de-cluttering, and staging. Too often we ignore one of the easiest way to give our home a clean and updated look, painting. 

First and foremost, painting is not a fix-all for a house that is not ready for a new owner. It will not remediate imperfections, add square footage, or update your dysfunctional kitchen. However, a neutral, clean palate can assist buyers with placing their own furniture in your home. A few reasons why you should consider a new paint job:

  1. The smells. Painting can assist with smells both positive and negative. Whether from cooking, smoking or pets, odors get trapped in our furniture, flooring, and walls. A fresh paint job can go a long way towards eliminating the odors that are usually present in older homes. The paint itself has a light smell that is evident within the first week or so of application. Potential buyers will be able to pick up on the smell, and then notice that you have freshly painted the home. It will show that you have taken care of the house, and that you are prepared to do what is necessary to get it sold.
  2. You are the only one who likes that shade of green. Seriously. Neon green is not attractive to the masses. I am guilty of it. My son's room is an awful shade. The paint is so loud, I have no idea how he sleeps at night. Prior to selling our home we are going to need to paint the room in a much more neutral shade. Again, it is about getting buyers to visualize themselves in the home. If the color is something that really turns them off, you are just giving them another reason not to go with you.
  3. It shows attention to detail. If you saw a home with chipped paint, a water stained ceiling, and smudged walls, what would you think? Most likely that the owners did not keep up with routine maintenance, there might be serious structural damage to the home, and that there were either dogs or kids running around that could have done extensive damage to the areas I can't see. All this because you failed to touch up a little bit of paint here and there. As mentioned above, do not give buyers the opportunity to think anything but the best with your property. 

Is painting an easy fix that most every new homeowner plans on doing? Absolutely. Does that mean that they should have to? Absolutely not. If it is easy for them, it is easy for you. Your new buyer might still plan on painting over what you did, but the fact that you were able to secure a buyer by using a low cost upgrade to your home should help you sleep a little better at night. 

If you are thinking about putting your home up for sale, please click over to the Podcast section of the site for more information on the steps to prep. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.