A look down Broad Ripple Avenue

A look down Broad Ripple Avenue

Broad Ripple is one of Indianapolis' six cultural districts and probably the most well known. Possessing an eclectic mix of small shops, diverse restaurant offerings, parks, entertainment, and established residential housing, Broad Ripple has grown to become one of the most desired hubs for upwardly mobile young professionals.

What is commonly referred to as "Broad Ripple" is a conglomeration of a few neighborhoods all surrounding the centrally located village. Warfleigh is located northwest of the village, and is bounded by the White River, Westfield Boulevard, and College Avenue. Primarily developed after the conclusion of World War II, this neighborhood is primarily made up of single family bungalows of 2,3, and 4 bedrooms. The residents take advantage of the close proximity to all that Broad Ripple has to offer.

The actual Broad Ripple neighborhood (residentially speaking) is bordered by Broad Ripple Avenue, College Avenue, Keystone Avenue, and Kessler Boulevard. It is made up of around 750 homes, each situated neatly on it's perfectly planned grid. Developed prior to World War II, only a handful of homes have been replaced, and the vast majority have been tastefully updated while still maintaining their 1940's charm. You can find residents enjoying Broad Ripple Park, walking their dogs, or partaking in the many festivals held in the village each year.

South Broad Ripple, or SoBro (I really hate that term), can refer to any of the homes south of Kessler (between College and Keystone) though it often refers to those south of 54th St. The homes were built around the same time as those to the north (Pre-World War II), and mimic a similar style. The neighborhood provides easy access to some of the best restaurants in Broad Ripple (Delicia, Zest, Yats), fantastic shopping (Luna Music, Fresh Market, Locally Grown Gardens), and several bars and pubs (Aristocrat, The Sinking Ship, Upland Brewing.) With new stores like Print_Text recently opening, South Broad Ripple is becoming a real draw for those looking for food, music, literature, and a good time.

Broad Ripple has had a long history from it's beginning as large farm plats owned by Jacob Coil, development through the turn of the century, struggles during the 60's and 70's, and the new identity it has currently adopted as a great place to buy your first home, a thriving bar scene, and an ever evolving small business incubator. I could probably fill up a few pages with interesting facts about the history of Broad Ripple, but I think I have written too much as it is!